In the changing world and economy, companies try themselves to manage all business risks to maintain the competitive advantages by growing their revenues, lowering the operating costs, increasing their customer satisfaction and entertaining all stakeholders.  These are not easy jobs for all CEOs and management levels. IT organization, in the past, was the cost-center group who spent a lot of budget each year to respond to the business challenges just to facilitate and ease staffs' work so IT is behind the company successes. Today, IT is talking to the customers directly in the business language and generates the revenue to the company through electronic transactions so IT turns itself to revenue generating or profit-center organization without any doubts. Every matters of our daily life rely on one or more underline technologies.
As such, i-Dynamic Technology Ltd. brings its values to the businesses with selective technologies to link and connect the customers to the businesses.  We are the system integrator who specializes in information technology business in Thailand. With more than 20 years in IT industry, it leverages the leading edge technology to deliver its value to transform IT to be revenue generating organization.
Our solution is around the telecommunication technology such as Asterisk IP-PBX (http://www.asterisk.org/ and http://www.issabel.org/), VoIP, Voice Recording and Web and Video Conference. Some products are from the global partners and some are from Opensource Community so our customers can pick and choose whatever is suitable for them.
i-Dynamic Technology Limited.